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American Halloween Decorations: Orange and purple electric light strings, fog machines, plastic spider rings, plastic light-up skulls, witch dolls, skeletons, papier-mâché tombstones, cheese-cloth ghosts, ghouls, martians, animatronic ann Ankoù: Grim Reaper dolls. [Those who dress up as the Grim Reaper for Halloween are guaranteed to win costume contests]. Neighborhood homes are decorated with bright lights for the children to safely find their way to the candy. Decorating contests for the most outstanding are held in some communities.

Halloween Cards: Orange and black Halloween cards are available to send to family and friends. Common motifs are black cats [a symbol of Halloween because it was once believed that souls could travel back into the world of the living in the body of an animal - usually a black cat], spiders, ghosts, bats, and owls. Send a card at my Halloween E-Cards. (3)

Halloween Movies: Scary movies are very popular. People go to the movie theater to see the latest ones and also rent movies to watch at home on television. Popular movie theater foods are: hot dogs, pizza, licorice, popcorn: puffed maize, soda-pop and candy.

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