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Samon, Samonios, Samhradh, Haf: Summer
Samhain comes from the Coligny: Hazel Calendar a Celtic lunar calendar inscribed on bronze tablets in the 1st century and discovered in November 1897 at a temple that lies alongside the l’Ain Rivière in Coligny, France, near Lyon. Written in Gaulish, which uses the latin alphabet; it was found with a statue identified as Apollo. It has months under two groups. One group is SAMON [Samonios, Samhradh, Haf: Summer] and GIAMON [Giamonios, Geamhradh, Gaeaf: Winter]. The date of SAMON- xvii is identified as TRINVX SAMO SINDIV, an abbreviation of Trinouxtion Samonii sindiu: The three-night-period of Samonios [is] today. Gaelic & Welsh/Breton are dialects of Gaule.
[Coligny Calendar: Museum of Gallo-Roman in Lyon]

Coligny Calender: Museum of Gallo-Roman in Lyon.

The seven elementsThe eight windsThe seven sources of ideas
FireNorth: BlackPerception
EarthSouth: WhiteVolition
WaterEast: PurpleSound
AirWest: PaleSight
MistSouth East:RedSmell
Atoms North West: Grey Taste
Animating windSouth West: GreenTouch
TalesinNorth East: Speckled and Dark(8, 17)

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