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Kala-Goañv: Winter Kalends / Gouel Heven: Summer’s End In Brittany, France this is the name for Halloween.

Boued an Anaon: Food of the hosts of the dead: The Anaon are ancestral spirits hungry for sustenance from the world of the living. Food is set aside for their sole use, and has to remain untouched for the full duration of the holiday. Eating the food of the dead is a sacrilege: it condemns you to becoming a hungry ghost after death, barred from sharing feasts. (15)

Kornigoù: Little Horns: These are little cakes baked by women to celebrate winter. They are named for An Damhar: Stag-Rut, the month before Kala-Goañv where stags fight and clash their antlers together. After the mating season the deer lose their antlers, so does the antlered god. German as Die Nacht des Grauens. (15)

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