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American Customs: Autumn Harvest Festivals[Caramel Apples and Shamrocks - 14k]
During October Autumn Carnivals or Farmer’s Markets feature produce for purchase: flowers, jams & confitures, wine, pomegranates, herbs, honey, tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, maize, corn: grain, onions, leeks, pumpkin squash, and apples. Children and adults sit on bales of straw seat cushions and are driven out to the field to collect produce. These are called hayrides. Scarecrows may be seen as decorations. These are straw men dressed in old clothes. They are placed in grain fields to literally scare crows and other birds away from the grain.

Carra-meille: Knots of Honey: Caramel apples are apples dipped in heated honey or brown sugar and condensed milk, and placed on a stick to be eaten. Bobbing for apples is a game where the first person to catch an apple with his teeth from a tub of water wins a prize. This is a reminder of ordeal by water.

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