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All Soul’s Day Customs: Laa ny Nooghyn Ooilley: Apple Day

...Most traditional Celtic communities maintain a year-round link of some sort with their departed, making them a part of all significant occurrences in the family, such as births, weddings and funerals... The island of Iona is The Green Isle, a sacred Druid burial spot. (15)

Ùtraid: Crossroads / Dunver Hene: Protection: In England until the time of George IV suicides were buried at the crossroads between the hours of nine and twelve at night. A fidh: stake was driven through the body. The four paths of the crossroads was for debating which one to take until dawn compelled a return of the spirit to the earth. The ghosts of murdered persons were supposed to walk until the bodies had been recovered and given Christian rites. In 1882 the law was overturned and it became legal to have ceremonies. “In Scotland it is still thought that the body of a suicide will not fall to dust until the time when he should have died in the order of nature, and it is very generally held that such a one must be buried with the grave facing north and south.” (19)

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