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Hop-tu-naa: Hollantide
Hop-tu-naa – Shoe shen oie Houiney
Trolla-laa,– T’an eayst soilshean
Hop-tu-naa – Kellagh ny kiarkyn;
Trolla-laa – Shibber ny gauin;
Hop-tu-naa – ’Cre’n gauin marr mayd?
Trolla-laa – Yn gauin veg vreac.
Hop-tu-naa – Yn chione kerroo
Trolla-laa – Ver mayd ’sy phot diu;
Hop-tu-naa – Yn kerroo veg cooyl
Trolla-laa – Cur dooin, cur dooin.
Hop-tu-naa – Hayst mee yn anvroie,
Trolla-laa – Scoald mee my hengey,
Hop-tu-naa –Ro’e mee gys y chibber
Hop-tu-naa – Er my raad thie
Trolla-laa – Veeit mee kayt-vuitsh;
Hop-tu-naa – Va yn chayt-scryssey,
Trolla-laa – As ren mee roie ersooy
Hop-tu-naa – Cre’n raad ren oo roie?
Trolla-laa,– Roie mee gys Albin
Hop-tu-naa – Cred v’ad jannoo ayns shen?
Trolla-laa,– Fuinney bonnagyn as rostey sthalgyn.
Hop-tu-naa – Trolla, laa!

My ta shiu goll dy chur red erbee dooin, cur dooin tappee eh,
Ny vees mayd ersooyl liorish soilshey yn cayst

Hop-tu-naa – This is old Hollantide night:
Trolla-laa,– The moon shines bright.
Hop-tu-naa – Cock of the hens;
Trolla-laa –Supper of heifer;
Hop-tu-naa – Which heifer to kill?
Trolla-laa –The little speckled heifer.
Hop-tu-naa – The fore-quarter,
Trolla-laa – We’ll put in the pot for you.
Hop-tu-naa – The little hind quarter,
Trolla-laa – Give to us, give to us.
Hop-tu-naa – I tasted the broth,
Trolla-laa – I scalded my tongue,
Hop-tu-naa – I went to the well,
Trolla-laa,– And drank my fill;
Hop-tu-naa – On my way back
Trolla-laa – I met a witch-cat;
Hop-tu-naa – The cat began to grin,
Trolla-laa – And I began to run.
Hop-tu-naa – Where did you run to?
Trolla-laa,– I ran to Scotland.
Hop-tu-naa – What were they doing there?
Trolla-laa,– Baking bannocks & roasting collops.
Hop-tu-naa – Trolla, laa!

If you are going to give us anything, give us it soon,
Or we’ll be away by the light of the moon
Hop-tu-naa! – Isle of Man

Old Hollantide Eve, Old Halloween, November 11th is the Feast of St. Martin of Tours, France (316 AD - 397 AD). A popular celebration from the Middle Ages, the day is called Martin’s Mass: Martinmas. People celebrate harvesting, wine making, and feasting. A goose is often roasted for the occasion.

On old Hollantide Eve, the 11th of November, it is the custom, particularly in country districts, for boys to go from house to house shouting out the above word accompanied with any quantity of question and answer as follows to the left. The children carry carved turnip lanterns called Jack o’Lanterns. In older times they brought stumps of turnips with them to batter the doors of those who refused to give them any money.

In the transition to Hollantide Night in the Isle of Man it is the universal belief that fairies roam abroad. – therefore the greater necessity for being guarded and conciliatory. Trolla-laa means Troll Night. Collops from french escalope, thin slivers of meat. bannocks are oatmeal cakes. (34. 42)

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