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Oídche na h-aimléise: Mischief Night
On Halloween night people dress up in disguise and play practical jokes on neighbors, calling attention to sondagh greedy, biasgach miserly, or unfriendly people. Examples are: shearing goats, taking clothes off clotheslines, switching signs, knocking on doors and running away (death knocks and is invisible), and throwing cabbages. Dares, challenges to do difficult or challenging feats, may be given. A popular dare is to enter a haunted house at night. (6, 10, 22)

Oíche na sprideanna: Spirit Night: Spirits and faeries are abroad on Halloween. The turning of the year happens at midnight and families are in by then. A straw cross may be hung on the door for protection .

Is breá liom beith ag éisteacht leis na scéalta taibhsí um Shamhain
(pron. Iss bra li-um veh egg aysh-thochth lesh nah shkayl-tha thigh-bh-shee um how-inn.)
I love to hear ghost stories at Halloween

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